Curious about Prego’s reputation? Come see what others have said about their dining experience with ‘An authentic, warm Italian experience.’

Risotto was excellent. Pinot Grigio was chilled. Waiters were polite and talkative. I would go back.
Eileen L
A “mutual birthday” lunch date with friends is always a great idea at Prego! The food, the service, the atmosphere and everything about it makes for a wonderful experience wtih good friends.
Kyle G.
Great Italian food tucked away at the top of Eau Claire mall.

There is nothing bad that I could say about this restaurant except that it is quite expensive (although worth it). I received great service throughout the meal and received my food very quickly. The food was exceptional and I couldn’t get enough of it. I almost wished that I had ordered two dishes, so I could take one home for later.

If you like Italian food and are in the neighbourhood, check this place out.

Eric B.
Our Team had finished up our work and it was time to say our goodbyes and go home. And after 2+ weeks on the road and away from Gayle, I was ready to head out to YYC right then and there. However, there was still time for one last Lunch together.

The Eau Claire Market has had its challenging times, especially if you wander through the food court downstairs. But upstairs is the stalwart presence of Prego Cucina Italiana.

We wandered in and snagged the last big table during a busy lunch hour. We were seated almost right up against the kitchen counter and serviced by a bald gentleman, with a mustache, thick Italian accent, and a flare for excellent service. We had wine, we devoured out pasta, we laughed, we talked, and we left as family. Prego was an excellent coda to a most enjoyable and educational life experience.

Helene R.
A large group of us, 8 in total, headed out to a Sex and The City 2 private viewing on a spring evening and came to Prego for a nice dinner beforehand.

The host seated us right away and our waiter was quick to follow to take our drink orders. Shortly later, he arrived with our drinks and a smile.

I started with with a delicious Caprese salad which was perfect, the bocconcini cheese could have been home made, it was quite subtle but quite lovely with the dressing. I tasted one of my friends orangini rice balls, I was sceptical at first, but they too were delicious, cheesy, crunchy, saucy, how could you go wrong? (mmm these balls were soooo moist and delicious…my friends who watch SNL will know where I am going with this 😉

I ordered the filetto pepe or, the tenderloin with prawns. The steak was wonderfully tender and cooked just right, the prawns on top were crispy and juicy and I am not a big seafood fan and rather enjoyed them. The sauce was indulgently creamy and perfectly spiced. There was nothing wrong with this meal. The veg was grilled perfectly with just the right amount of char and a nice brushing of olive oil for a delicate balance of flavours.

I finished with their cheesecake and berry compote which was so creamy and surprisingly light with just the right amount of sweet to tang ratio. A fabulous finish to a great meal.

I didn’t feel that the place was snooty or catered to business exec’s but seeing how it is located in the core, you would expect that most of their clientèle would be suits. Having said that, it didn’t change the fact that the service was wonderful, food was fresh, hot and delicious and the ambiance is great. They also threw in a mini cocktail for our pre-SATC viewing! My only issue is they don’t open on Sundays!

So impressed with this place, Officially now one of my favorites.

Patricia M.
We wandered to Prince Island Park and ended up near Prego Cucina Italiana. We were so hungry we went to the first restaurant we saw.

Prego is meant to be a fine dining restaurant so the atmosphere is naturally more stuffy and the prices are above average. However, the waiters are extremely prompt and the food is utterly fantastic.

On a whim I ordered the gnocci with gorgonzola and it was one of the most delicious pasta dishes I have ever eaten. My other half ordered the tortellini dolce (without salmon) and he loved it as much as I loved my gnocci.

I must say it again, the gnocci with gorgonzola is amazing!

Murray O.
Fabulous food and exceptional service makes for a great dining experience.
A girlfriend and I had a ladies night out last night and went to Prego’s before seeing a film. The staff are absolutely wonderful. If you’ve been a few times, they know your name and welcome you like one of the family. We dined “family style” (i.e. you leave it up to the chef) and were served 4 marvelous courses. It really is fun not knowing what’s coming — just knowing that it is going to be good. The shrimp on the salad were so tasty and the dressing just right. The duo of pasta were lovely, but I’m glad I didn’t finish so that I would have room for the main dish of beautifully flavourful and tender lamb chops, a slice of veal and well chosen vegetables. Dessert was a duo of chocolate with strawberries. Mmm. The recommended wine went beautifully. It was a wonderful 2+ hours: great food well served in a lovely room. This is my husband’s and my “go-to” place when we want a wonderful meal out at a price that’s just fine. I struggle with saying its $$$ rather than $$. In my view it is reasonably priced; we have spent more for less on all counts here in.
We went to Prego a few nights ago, and found everything to be lovely – warm, welcoming atmosphere, excellent food, and good wine. The tomato sauce on the Chicken Parmagiana was superb, with a rich, homemade flavour. The sound level in the restaurant was just right – such a welcome change from the deafening places so common now. We will definitely be back. Thank you, Prego!
Judy in the Sky
We always enjoy Prego, but in the summertime especially, when you can sit on the deck and watch the people come and go from Princes’ Island Park. The food and the service are both excellent. We often pop in before a movie at Eau Clair, are always accommodated for time restrictions and have never been disappointed by the meal or the selection. The Chef’s special is often the best item offered. Don’t be afraid to try it. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed. A great place to visit with friends or to go as a couple.